AMVETS Post 2006
                                Leesburg, Florida

Freedom Isn't Free
But It Is Worth Fighting For

Sun:              12:00
Mon to Sat:  11:00

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500 N. Canal Street
Leesburg, FL 34748

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The post is having a members appreciation day cookout on Monday, Memorial Day, at 2-4pm. The post is furnishing Hamburgers, Brats, and Hot Dogs. We welcome all members to come join us and ask that you bring a dish to share. Monday will be a discount drink day also.

We are in need of an Adjutant and a Chaplain as these are appointed positions. If anyone would like to step forward and take on one of these jobs,The State Convention is on June 9, 10, and 11th. The National AMVETS Convention is in Pittsburgh this year and will be August 17th thru 20th. If anyone is interested in attending, please let me know and we can help you get registered and get hotel rooms at the convention rate. More information will be available at the next membership meeting.

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                                AMVETS Post 2006
                                Leesburg, Florida

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.” – Shane PattonAmvets

Veterans AdministrationFlorida Dept of Veterans Presents

featuring Bob Peters
Interviewing local VETS,
talking about their 
experiences in the military.

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Click Here for Website AMVETS National  AMVETS FloridaCommunity Legal Sevice

Project Rebirth
Recovery for Warriors


Camaraderie Foundation

Gainseville VA Directory

For Appointments Phone

Addiction and substance abuse care 352-376-1611

Advice nurse 877-741-3400

Audiology and Speech 352-376-1611x 106171

COVID-19 vaccines 352-548-6000 x 103755

Caregiver Support 855-260-3274
Caregiver Support 352-376-1611x 107587

Dental/oral surgery 352-376-1611 x 104040

Digestive Care/GI 352-376-1611x 105609
Gastroenterology 352-376-1611x 106860

Geriatrics 352-376-1611x 104153

Geriatricsv352-376-1611x 102309

Hematology/oncology 352-376-1611x 104327

Homeless Veteran care
HCHV Program 352-548-1800
HCHV Program 352-548-1809

Intimate partner violence support
Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program Coordinator 352-316-2981
Florida domestic violence hotline 1-800-500-1119
Georgia domestic violence hotline
 1-800-334-2836
LGBTQ+ Veteran care
LGBTQ+ Veteran Care 352-376-1611x 105760
LGBTQ+ Veteran Care 352-376-1611x 105452
Contact LGBT Veteran Care Coordinators: 352-376-1611 Ext. 105760 or 352-376-1611 ext. 105452
Contact the Transgender Coordinator: 352-376-1611 ext. 105452

Laboratory and pathology 352-376-1611

Move! Weight Management 352-376-1611x 106205

Mental health care 352-376-1611

Minority Veteran care 352-376-1611x 105539

Nutrition, food, and dietary care
Nutrition, food, and dietary care 352-376-1611x 106030

PTSD care 352-376-1611x 106523
PTSD Care contact 352-376-1611x 106523

Patient Advocates 352-376-1611x 106019349-9457

Refills 800-349-9457
Prescription questions 352-376-1611x 301022
Primary care 352-376-1611
Prosthetics and rehabilitation352-376-1611x 107180
Psychology 352-376-1611x 106456
Rehabilitation and extended care 352-376-1611
Returning service member care 352-376-1611
M2VA program email
Sleep Medicine 352-376-1611x 105616
Social Work 352-376-1611x 106067
Suicide Prevention 800-273-8255
Surgery 352-376-1611
Whole health 352-376-1611 x 103532
Women Veteran care 352-376-1611x 107474

                                AMVETS Post 2006
                                Leesburg, Florida

“Without discipline, there is no Marine Corp.” – R. Lee Ermey

                                AMVETS Post 2006
                                Leesburg, Florida

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben  Franklin

                                AMVETS Post 2006
                                Leesburg, Florida

“Whatever is my right as a man is also the right of another; and it becomes my duty to guarantee as well as to possess.” - Thomas Paine

First Monday of Month:            Aux E-Board   1600
                                                  Aux Meeting   1630
Planning          1745   
                                            AMVETS       1800

Last  Monday of Month:     E-Board         1600
Third Sunday of Month:     Sons Meeting 130

                                AMVETS Post 2006
                                Leesburg, Florida

“Independence is my happiness, and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.” - Thomas Paine 1

AMVETS Canteen Manager:
Trustees Chairman:

Ray Leap
Dave Groome
Tom Whalen
Joe Weeks
Van Hicks
2022-2023 Honorary Trustees:John Jarboe
Al Waterman
Al Parker